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I'm Expensive? Really?

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 11:58 AM
There have been more than a few people saying lately that the price of my cakes are too high. Rather than trying to argue that customized cakes are indeed expensive not because of the ingredients, but because of the amount of workmanship involved, I thought I'd let pictures do the talking.

So boys and girls. Are you ready? It's time to play







And the answers are:
1. Bottom
2. Bottom
3. Right
4. Left
5. Left
6. Left

That's right. The cakes I used for comparison were found on the website of one of my country's most famous and highly regarded patisseries. KG for KG, each and every one of my cakes is cheaper, yet people tell me I'm expensive...

Helloooooo... am I missing something here?

I should be charging more for this... they don't grow on trees ya know?

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And The Answer IS...

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 27, 2010, 10:22 AM

So which answer is correct?

Q: These cupcakes are designed for:

a) A pillow and mattress company's annual D&D.
b) A children's novel launch event.
c) A sanitary pad company awareness event.
d) A cotton manufacturing company's anniversary.

A: c) A sanitary pad company awareness event.
   Yeah... I'm not kidding...

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Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 25, 2010, 8:10 AM
So I logged in to DA today and had 700+ activity messages. At first I thought it might be a 3rd DD although I didn't think I'd get another so soon after my last one. Turns out it's because of

Thank you everyone who commented and :+fav: this piece, making it my most popular non-DD deviation in just 1 day!

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland was great no matter what the critics may say. I also had just finished reading the original Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass which gave me a lot of the ideas for these cupcakes.

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Thank you!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 20, 2010, 12:32 PM
A very BIG THANK YOU to :iconreenaj: for the 1yr premium membership. It was such a huge surprise! Yesterday I got my second DD and today a premium membership, I feel so loved! :heart: You guys are the best!

Thank you to everyone who has commented and :+fav: my works all this while. I want you to know that it's what keeps me going in this industry and loving what I do. There is simply nothing more satisfying than making someone's face light up with a gorgeous cake. I am very thankful that my cakes are able to make those special moments in people's lives all the more memorable.

Last but not least, don't forget to check out :iconreenaj: who is also another wonderful cake artist! Also check out her newly created group :iconfondant-cakes:.

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While it might still be awhile off, I do really want to have my own cake business someday.

So I've been thinking, what would be a good name for a cake shop? Looking through my gallery of work, I'm thinking something fun yet elegant...

Ideas & opinions welcomed!
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A couple of weeks ago, Straits Times Razor TV visited my workplace 1 Caramel and did a series of interviews for their web broadcast. Some of you may remember the RazorTV Mini Cakes I posted before for the event. Anyway, the videos are finally up, and as promised there's a segment where you can see how I assemble one of those mini cakes.

By the way, I'm in 2 out of 5 of the videos! Check all of them out below.

Video 1:
French oomph, Japanese look (Sugar Rush @ 1 Caramel Pt 1)
One tablespoon of sugar, a dash of French pastry-making, a sprinkle of Japanese presentation and... voila! You have the concept behind the new patisserie 1 Caramel. In this video, we meet the attractive people behind this charming new cafe that offers a delectable selection of cakes and beverage.

Video 2:
27 scrumptious cakes (Sugar Rush @ 1 Caramel Pt 2)
Be tempted, be very tempted... If you have a sweet tooth, join us as we dig into some of the 27 sweet treats offered by 1 Caramel. From the dark chocolate layered Red Velvet to the generous Chocolate Berry Lust, the light and tangy Mango Mascarpone and the unique Red Miso Souffle.  

Video 3:
The way to a girl's heart is... (Sugar Rush @ 1 Caramel Pt 3)
Pastry-making is not just about the sweet taste; it's also about the art involved in the process. The romantic artist behind 1 Caramel's creations is Chef Nick (that's me!! :P), who reveals how he uses his skills to impress the ladies...

Video 4:
One-of-a-kind cupcake (Sweet Treats @ 1 Caramel Pt 4)
Making a pretty lil' cupcake isn't rocket science, but it does require some patience, creativity and skill. And Chef Nick (me again lol!) from newly opened patisserie, 1 Caramel, demonstrates his pastry skills...

Video 5:
Go high on liquid desserts (Sugar Rush @ 1 Caramel Pt 5)
Kick off those heels, sit back and sip on a dessert. 1 Caramel's sommelier Diane introduces us to two unique liquid desserts: the Chocolate Dip Strawberry and the Espresso Martini.


Sliceofcake is now on FACEBOOK!
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Sliceofcake is now on FACEBOOK!
Click here to join us on Facebook.

My National Day cake has been featured in the Straits Times, the local newspaper. CLICK HERE to read the article! Thank you to everyone for the support. I've been receiving text and facebook messages all day long, it feels almost like the time I received a DD.

To read more about Sliceofcake, click here.
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Sliceofcake is now on FACEBOOK!
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Thank you Kitten-of-Woe for the DD feature for Nid d'abeille And Bonbons. Thank you aslo to everyone who visited, faved or commented, I appreciate all the kind words and support.

Today is doubly happy for me as it is also my first day officially working as a pastry chef! I've been appointed as Creative Chef for a new Patisserie in Singapore called 1 Caramel! For all of you who are in the neighborhood, please come down for a visit and try our selection of desserts. Our store is located at the ground floor of The Luxe, a condominium just next to The Cathay. For those of you who are unfortunately in a different part of the world, I'm sorry that the best I can do is try to post and share with you more pics of my work...

To read more about Sliceofcake, click here.
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I will be in Ottawa, Canada till April 2009, while I complete my Pastry Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu. During this time, I regret that I cannot accept any orders from Singapore. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me all this while and look forward to bringing better and more delicious cakes to you when I return as a full fledged chef next year.

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Kahlua Chocolate Cake

What is SLICE?
Welcome to Sliceofcake on Deviantart.

All the cakes and pastries featured here are home-baked and designed by myself, Nicholas Ang, a Digital Media Design graduate.

I'm a graphic designer by day and work in my home kitchen by night, whipping up new and delicious cakes and pastries, sometimes for fun, sometimes for friends, and sometimes for sale.

My specialty is cheesecake, with my signature mini cupcake sized cheesecakes being especially popular. I also enjoy trying out new recipes and modifying old ones to create something deliciously unique.

My philosophy on desserts is that looks are as important as taste and therefore each cake is thoughtfully designed and decorated to suit the occassion and often no 2 cakes come out looking exactly alike.

This gallery is a showcase of some of my creations. It will continue to grow and be updated with new images as I go along baking more and more.

"The greatest joy as a cook is when someone tells you how much they've enjoyed your food."

What are the flavours available?
Cheesecake (Standard flavors):
Cinnamon Apple,
Chocolate Chip,

Cheesecake (Designer flavors):
Almond Praline,
Greentea Redbean,
Almond Longan,
Lychee Rose,
Chocolate Tiramisu,
Walnut Tiramisu,
Almond Tiramisu,
Ferrero Rocher,
Mandarin Orange.

Cheesecake (Alcoholic Flavors):
Oreo Bailey's,
Chocolate Chip Bailey's,
Chocolate Rum Tiramisu.

Other Standard Cakes:
Rich Chocolate Cake (with blueberry or blackcherry filling),
Kahlua Chocolate Cake,
Butter Cake (with blueberry, blackcherry or strawberry filling),
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

Specialty Cakes:
7th Heaven (chocolate cake constructed with 7 forms of chocolate),
Rich Christmas Fruitcake (min 2 weeks advance order),
Oreo Chocolate Cake,
Flourless Orange Cake.

Cupcakes & Muffins:
Chocolate Chip,
Chocolate Fudge.

Non Cakes:
Shepherd's Pie.

Can I order directly from you?
Yes, you can place a personal order with me. Please contact:

tel: 96286835
address: 30 Fulton Road, Bishan, Singapore

How much are your cakes?
Generally, standard full sized cakes (8inch, approx 1.2kg-1.5kg) are priced between $35-$50 depending on the type. Larger custom made sizes can be made upon request and will be charged accordingly.

Mini cheesecakes and cupcakes are priced from $4.50-$5.50 each (Minimum total order of 12 pieces, and a minimum of 3 pieces per flavor).

Please call or email me for a quote.

How early must I place an order?
A minimum of 2 days advance ordering is required for all cakes. Larger orders or special requests may require up to a week or more in advance.
Do you deliver?
I encourage all orders to be picked up due to a lack of manpower. However, delivery (at certain timings) may be made for a fee of $15 per location upon request.

What if I have an idea for a cake I haven't seen on this website?
Talk to me about it and I will try to make it. I take special requests.

Can you cater for special occassions?
Have a special occassion, a wedding, anniversary or birthday you wish specially catered for? Let me know as early as possible and I can create special packages for you.
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